Matthias Bauer is a double bass player, improviser and composer based in Berlin. He is specialised in contemporary music, performed a large repertoire of solo compositions for double bass and is working with Berlin based new music ensembles. He performed with many internationally renowned musicians of the free improviser scene and took part in various ensembles and festivals. A central concern is his own solo performance incorporating the voice. Bauer has written music for smaller and larger ensembles as well as for theatre and dance.

current projects as improviser: • Solo • Alchimia Organica with Maria Lucchese • Duo with Floros Floridis • Up and Out with Harri Sjöström, Phil Wachsmann, Emilio Gordoa, Dag Magnus Narvesen • Berlin Art Quartet with Matthias Schubert, Matthias Müller, Reinhard Brüggemann • Dis/con/sent with Ernesto and Guilherme Rodrigues, Dietrich Petzold • Bauer/Bauer/Narvesen with Conny Bauer and Dag Magnus Narvesen;
former collaborations: Conny Bauer Quartet, Baby Sommer Trio, Sven Åke Johansson Quintet, Uli Gumpert Trio, Butch Morris Sky Scrapers, SPOK, Bauer 4, a.o.
and with Johannes and Conny Bauer, Thomas Borgmann, Willi Kellers, Georg Gräwe, Martin Blume, Hanns Reichel, Bill Dixon, Tony Oxley, Phil Minton, Luc Houtkamp, Alex Kolkowski, Axel Dörner, Rudi Mahall, David Moss, Peter Hollinger, John Rose, Shelley Hirsch, Wolfgang Fuchs, Paul Lovens, Tony Buck, John Butcher a.o.
discography (selection): • Berlin Abbozzi (FMP) Bill Dixon, Klaus Koch, Tony Oxley; • Kryonics (Emanem) John Rose, Alex Kolkowski; • Sven Ake Johansson Quintett (hatOLOGY) Axel Dörner, Rudi Mahall, Sten Sandell; • Bauer 4 (Jazzwerkstatt) Konrad, Johannes Bauer, Louis Rastig; • Die Harke und der Spaten (Umlaut Records) Sven Ake Johansson, Axel Dörner, Mats Gustafsson, Sten Sandell, Per Ake Holmlander, Raymond Strid; • Alchimia Organica (creative source rec.) Maria Lucchese; • spontan in granit (creative source rec.) solo; • up and out (amiranirecords) Phil Wachsmann, Harri Sjöström, Emilio Gordoa, Dag Magnus Narvesen;
festival appearances: Maerzmusik Berlin, musicaviva München, Biennale Venedig, nuovaconsonanza Rom, musique on scene Lyon, Angelica Bologna, Daegu Contemporary Music Festival, Wien Modern, Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf, Total Music Meeting Berlin, Kaleidophon Ulrichsberg, Météo Mulhouse, Akut Mainz, Ultima Oslo, Klangspuren Schwaz, Ujbuda Jazz Festival;

upcoming concerts

30.10. - 4.11. 2019 | Tokio Japan | impro - concerts and workshop
11.11. - 18.11. 2019 | Teheran Iran | new music + unitedberlin
26.11. 2019 | Berlin Toolbox | impro + Sjöström, Doneda, Narvesen
7.12. 2019 | Berlin Konzerthaus | new music + unitedberlin
8.12. 2019 | Hamburg Resonanzraum | perfomance philosophy + Maria Lucchese
17.12. 2019 | Düsseldorf Tonhalle | new music + unitedberlin
9.1.2010 | Berlin Au Topsi Pohl | impro + Bauer, Bauer, Narvesen
10.1. 2020 | Berlin St. Canisius Kirche | solo
22.1. 2020 | Erfurt Museumskeller | impro + Bauer, Bauer, Narvesen
1.2. 2020 | Berlin AdK | impro + Regina Fredriksson
5.2.2020 | Berlin Sowieso | impro + Céline Voccia, Lothar Ohlmeier
22.2.2020 | Berlin KühlspoSocial Club | Håvard Wiik, Rudi Fischerlehner
1.3. 2020 | Meran Club OstWest | perfomance philosophy + Maria Lucchese
25.03. 2020 | Giessen Rathaus | new music + Ralf Hoyer, Maria Lucchese
26.03.2020 | Köln Loft | new music + Ralf Hoyer, Maria Lucchese
7.4. 2020 | Berlin Konzerthaus | new music + unitedberlin
24.4.2020 | Potsdam Museum | impro + Andreas Willers
25.4. 2020 | Peitz Festungssaal | impro + Andreas Willers
1.5.2020 | Ulrichsberg Kaleidophon | impro + dis/con/sent